Museum of the American Revolution Interactives

Role: Lead Visual Designer

For: Web, Interactive
Tool: Figma
The Museum of the American Revolution “uncovers and shares compelling stories about the diverse people and complex events that sparked America’s ongoing experiment in liberty, equality, and self-government. It promises to face hard truths, have open dialogue about the complexities of our nation’s history, and lift up stories that have often gone untold”.

︎︎︎Season of Independence
︎︎︎Finding Freedom

The Museum of the American Revolution partnered with AREA 17 for a redesign of two interactives, which we translated from their museum exhibit kiosks to the museum website. Because our primary users are teachers using classroom iPads, we focused primarily on tablet and mobile sizes throughout the design process.

Season of Independence invites visitors to explore interactive data visualizations that map the growing support for rebellion leading up to the composition of the Declaration of Independence.

Using a map and timeline as its foundation, Season of Independence tracks statements of support for independence across the 13 American colonies in rebellion over time, while placing those colonies in larger geographic context. Throughout, it presents the voices of those who supported independence, disagreed, and hoped to avoid a war altogether.

The interactive includes a collapsable panel that allows the user to filter data points by date, declarations and/or people, and the faction(s) they most closely identified with.

Finding Freedom is a series of interactive animations telling the largely untold stories of free and enslaved African Americans during the war.

Finding Freedom draws from a variety of historical sources and contemporary analysis to try to understand the lives and decisions of five real people of African descent living in Virginia in 1781, as the British and American armies battle across the state. Their stories are told through research-based first-person narratives.

Additional Project Credits:

Tim Sullivan
Senior Designer, design system for Museum of the American Revolution’s primary website

Joy Ripart
UX Designer

Website and interactives designed at AREA 17, 2020

Illustration assets provided by the museum