Steven Bazarian
Public Media Group of Southern California
Public Media Group of Southern California (PMGSC) is a non-profit broadcasting organization operating two TV stations and a non-commercial satellite television channel. PMGSC partnered with AREA 17 for a re-design of three of their websites— KCET, LinkTV, and PBS SoCal in my time working at AREA 17.

KCET had recently been rebranded and the goal of the website redesign was to showcase the new brand, which features grid layouts, a bright color palette and color pairings, and abstract patterns representative of the letters K-C-E-T.

This project posed a unique challenge because we had to design a system that could be used across all three websites, despite each having its own unique brand identity. In accordance with KCET’s rebrand, the KCET specific pages were designed to incorporate all of the new brand elements, while the shared templates have a more simplified design that can easily be repurposed for the sites with less extensive brand identities.

The shared templates utilize one primary brand color and one CTA and icon color for each site, with the exception of PBS SoCal, which uses its southern california orange for icons and buttons and blue for links in order to maintain the PBS blue throughout the site. The following pages show how the system works across across all three sites.

Because the collections pages are unique to the KCET site, this was a perfect opportunity to introduce high brand moments in a way that makes sense in the broader system. Yellow is used as the primary color across the KCET site but on each collections page this color is replaced with one of the other four brand colors, creating a visual distinction between each collection.

Each site features different types of content, including articles, video clips, and episodes. 

I was the lead visual designer on the PMGSC website redesign while at AREA 17. The full project team is as follows:

Benoit Lemoine | Designer, KCET rebrand
Brendan Lam | Senior UX Designer
Jesse Golomb | Strategist
Carolyn Centeno Milton | Strategy Director
Marius Roosendaal | Design Director

David Lamonthe | Design Director
Patrick Vézina | Interface Engineer

Website designed by AREA 17, 2020