Role: Designer and Art Director

For: Brand Identity
Tool: Adobe Illustrator

Thematiks, formerly known as Katalyst Groups, is a digital platform that helps business executives access, intake and process all the information critical to making the right decisions in today's dynamic business environment.

Thematiks needed a new brand identity that represents them as innovative, forward-thinking, and data-driven.

The logo form is based on a molecule, which symbolizes connectivity, and the form points upward to suggest forward movement. The color palette aims to feel corporate, associating Thematiks with their peers, yet distinctive in its application across brand collateral. The gradients are representative of movement and change and the serif typeface evokes a sense of trust and expertise.

The brand applications feature abstract patterns representing data, which are composed of shapes found in the logo. The brand typefaces portray Thematiks as a trusted business expert.

The brand's primary colors are purple and blue but the identity features a secondary color palette to account for data-heavy applications in which more are needed, such as infographics and data visualizations. Abstract patterns drawn from the shapes in the logo are used throughout the identity to represent data.

Designed solely by Steven Bazarian, 2021