Steven Bazarian
Turkish Airlines


Turkish Airlines is a luxury airline that flies to more destinations non-stop than any other airline in the world. The Turkish Airlines brand is built around a sense of elegance, travel, and adventure, and maintains flexibility throughout a variety of applications, both print and digital.

The logo depicts a crane flying forward at the angle of a plane in steady flight. The crane is a common symbol of Turkey, as it regularly migrates through the country. The logomark lays a foundation for the brand's emphasis on smooth travel and adventure.
A sense of modern luxury informs the identity— from a smooth logomark inspired by the forms in Turkish calligraphy, to photography capturing moments of comfort and magnificence, a carefully curated use of white space, and colors inspired by the unique beauty of Turkey's art and architecture. The Turkish Airlines brand invites passengers along a pleasant and comfortable ride to their next destination.

Personal Project 2017, all work by Steven Bazarian