Therory of Change:
We can’t always unite Americans across political parties, but we can mobilize them around ways to realize the country’s core ideals.
People who care about seeing America succeed exist across the political spectrum. By focusing on smart actions toward collective prosperity, universal American values like opportunity and advancement, and the diverse range of people who make the country great, could speak to Americans in a way that de-prioritizes political identity and instead focuses on reform opportunities to benefit everyone.

The new identity illustrates a clear visual representation of’ approach: To strategically move the right pieces forward to unlock something new. The identity emphasizes motion— It leans heavily on forward movement and applies elements representative of an unlocking gesture across the collateral. The identity strikes a balance across party lines: The F logomark is bold and active, while the serif wordmark makes the pair feel a bit more dignified, accounting for both grasstops and grassroots audiences.

Created at Purpose PBC, 2018
Role: Visual Designer; primarily worked on brand identity, created the full brand guidelines document, and provided web design support

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